Breast Reconstruction – What to Expect

Preparing for Your Breast Reconstruction Procedure:

Step 1. Speak with your Breast Surgeon, Oncologist and Dr. Nima to understand your options regarding lumpectomy or the various forms of mastectomy along with the potential need for additional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Step 2. Speak with reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Nima, to understand all possible modes of breast reconstruction

Step 3. Decide which breast reconstruction method best suits your body and lifestyle

Recovering from your Breast Reconstruction:

The recovery process following your breast reconstruction procedure will vary depending on the type and extent of the surgery.

A Free-Flap or Microsurgical reconstruction process will take more time for “up front” healing, (approximately 8-12 weeks), but will leave a patient with their natural tissue that may never need further surgery.

Tissue expander and Implant-based reconstructions will require one or two shorter surgeries with shorter recoveries (approximately 6 weeks). Since implants are used there are specific issues that can arise that may require the patient to undergo additional surgeries during their lifetime.

Fat grafting and breast symmetry procedures such as breast lifting or augmentation of the reconstructed and native breast(s) may help achieve a more natural and symmetric appearance and can be done after the initial reconstruction.

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