Jaw Implant/Reduction

A well-defined and proportionate jaw adds balance to the face for both men and women. A prominent jaw gives the face a more square and masculine look, while jaw reduction can give the face softer, more feminine features. Jaw implants widen and sculpt the jawline. Jaw reduction shaves the jawline and gives the face a less angular look.

Candidates for Jaw Implant or Jaw Reduction

If you’re unhappy with the shape or size of your jaw, implants or a reduction may be a good option for you.

Jaw implants restore facial structure, give more balance, and strengthen the jawline, giving many patients a more youthful and chiseled look. A weak jawline causes the face to blend with the neck.

A jaw reduction is a great procedure for patients with a very square or outward-flaring jaw, which often overpowers the rest of the face.

Candidates for jaw implants or reduction should have properly functioning jaws and teeth.

The Procedure

During a jaw implant procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth. An implant is placed, creating a more square and prominent jaw, and the incision is closed with stitches. During a jaw reduction procedure, an incision is made inside the mouth and the jaw is shaved down, reducing its size and reshaping to create a more rounded look. The incision is closed with stitches.

Jaw implants or reduction may be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as a facelift, cheek implant, or chin implant to give you the look you want.

The Recovery

Patients will experience swelling around the jaw for several days. Most patients return to work within a week of surgery. It may take several days to weeks to be able to eat solid foods. Because the incision is made inside the mouth, there will be no visible scarring.

The Process

  • Consultation with Dr. Nima Naghshineh
  • Create a customized surgical plan
  • Take pre-op photos
  • Meet with our Practice Manager
  • Schedule surgery with our Surgical Coordinator
  • Obtain surgical clearance from your family doctor
  • Return to the office for a pre-op before Surgery
  • Have surgery
  • Return to the office within one week of surgery for your post-op visit

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